Rendezvous with the Billionaire: The Complete Series

Rendezvous BundleThe three part serial, now available all in one place.

Amy Bowen never expected one spontaneous night of passion with her boss to turn into anything more. But soon their lives are entangled more than they could ever imagine.


My name is Amy Bowen, and I wish that night never happened.

Close your eyes and imagine it. The glittering New York lights, excellent martinis, friends, dancing, fun. What more could a girl want?

My boss, apparently.

Everything would have all been okay, if only my cell phone didn’t have great reception and I hadn’t had one too many martinis. But I sent one sexy text and woke up on Sunday with the mother of all headaches and the sinking feeling that I was about to be fired.

Except Evan Daringer isn’t what I expected.

Instead of a pink slip, it’s a red dress and a promise to never speak of it again. One night of hot sex with no consequences. How could I resist?

But when the cops come calling, it turns out that all actions have consequences, even if they get delayed.


You don’t get two nights with a billionaire…

I knew I shouldn’t want Evan Daringer. Not after my one lust filled night lead to the police thinking that I’d killed a man I’d never met. But every time I spend more than five minutes alone with him, I can’t keep my hands to myself. And even though Evan doesn’t do relationships, I’m scared that I want him to make an exception.

And there are exceptions to every rule…

Evan says he doesn’t know Nicholas Bitterman, but he’s hiding something from me. I need to find out the truth before it’s too late and the cops put me behind bars.

But if I can’t trust Evan, who can I turn to? And what are the consequences for keeping his secrets?


There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship…

Every girl is supposed to be waiting for her prince. And I found mine with the billionaire, Evan Daringer. But everything has gone wrong between us since one impulsive night together. Between a murder, his fiance, and a secret I can’t keep, I’ve been torn to shreds.

Everything comes crashing down…

Evan didn’t kill Nicholas Bitterman. But someone out there wants the cops to think he did, and that person is willing to use me to get to him. How do you save yourself when a monster wants to broadcast your most private moments for the world to see? And you can you save your soul when the only way out may be to betray the man you’re falling for?