Rendezvous with the Billionaire: The Complete Series

Rendezvous BundleThe three part serial, now available all in one place.

Amy Bowen never expected one spontaneous night of passion with her boss to turn into anything more. But soon their lives are entangled more than they could ever imagine.


My name is Amy Bowen, and I wish that night never happened.

Close your eyes and imagine it. The glittering New York lights, excellent martinis, friends, dancing, fun. What more could a girl want?

My boss, apparently.

Everything would have all been okay, if only my cell phone didn’t have great reception and I hadn’t had one too many martinis. But I sent one sexy text and woke up on Sunday with the mother of all headaches and the sinking feeling that I was about to be fired.

Except Evan Daringer isn’t what I expected.

Instead of a pink slip, it’s a red dress and a promise to never speak of it again. One night of hot sex with no consequences. How could I resist?

But when the cops come calling, it turns out that all actions have consequences, even if they get delayed.


You don’t get two nights with a billionaire…

I knew I shouldn’t want Evan Daringer. Not after my one lust filled night lead to the police thinking that I’d killed a man I’d never met. But every time I spend more than five minutes alone with him, I can’t keep my hands to myself. And even though Evan doesn’t do relationships, I’m scared that I want him to make an exception.

And there are exceptions to every rule…

Evan says he doesn’t know Nicholas Bitterman, but he’s hiding something from me. I need to find out the truth before it’s too late and the cops put me behind bars.

But if I can’t trust Evan, who can I turn to? And what are the consequences for keeping his secrets?


There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship…

Every girl is supposed to be waiting for her prince. And I found mine with the billionaire, Evan Daringer. But everything has gone wrong between us since one impulsive night together. Between a murder, his fiance, and a secret I can’t keep, I’ve been torn to shreds.

Everything comes crashing down…

Evan didn’t kill Nicholas Bitterman. But someone out there wants the cops to think he did, and that person is willing to use me to get to him. How do you save yourself when a monster wants to broadcast your most private moments for the world to see? And you can you save your soul when the only way out may be to betray the man you’re falling for?



Her Wolf’s Desire

The aftermath of betrayal…

Jaz Pitman is putting her life back together. Or at least trying to. But things are difficult when you’ve been turned into a werewolf against your will. She can’t sleep and the only thing that might give her reprieve is the night of the full moon. But even though she’s healing, the patience of the pack in Boise, Idaho is beginning to wear thin and she needs to make a choice about where her future lies.

Searching for answers…

Three months ago, Shane Gutierrez woke up in a hotel room two hours away from home, tied to the bed. Not a bad way to end the night, if only he could remember how he got there in the first place. Fired from his job as a cop, he’s needs to find out why weird things happening to his body and why he’s blacking out. Why are his eyes turning yellow?

Neither Shane nor Jaz knows the true depths of the secrets that have lead them to Boise. But from the moment they meet, it’s clear that they’ll need to find out together.

17,000 words
A story in the Werewolf Mates world


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The Doctor’s Mate

The Doctor's MateTrapped and turned…
Abigail McKinney has been a scientist at Silver Sky Research for years, but her dedication is only repaid with betrayal. Imprisoned and infected, all hope of normalcy is stripped away. But her hero ignites a passion within her that can’t be quenched and may open up her wolf to something beyond knowing.

Searching and desperate…
Jacob Pitman is searching for his sister, convinced that she’s been kidnapped by Silver Sky. But a daring break in brings him to Abigail instead. Swept up with a passion neither of them understand, Jacob is set on a path he never expected.

As Abigail and Jacob’s worlds collapse, their fates collide, bringing them close together as treachery of the highest sort is revealed.

A 14,000 word novelette, third in the Werewolf Mates series.

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The Lawyer’s Mate

The Lawyer's MateA city girl stuck as a country wolf…
Wren Longwood never meant to end up in Boise, Idaho. But a fateful attack one night in Central Park leaves her cursed and wolfish. Now forbidden from returning home by her perfect family, she is determined to make her way on her own as a criminal defense attorney. If only it weren’t for her disturbing attraction to the senior partner’s son.

A lonely wolf…
Andy Olson didn’t want to wind up alone. But with his alpha finding a mate, he’s feeling lonely and a little left out. Enter Wren Longwood. She’s beautiful, she’s capable, and his wolf howls for more of her. But as far as Andy can tell, she’s completely uninterested. But when they’re forced to work together on a case, Andy knows that this is his chance to let her see exactly what she could be.

It turns out that a simple burglary case is far more than it seems, and may threaten everyone in the Boise pack.

A 14,000 word novelette, second in the Werewolf Mates series.

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The Alpha’s Mate

The Alpha's MateAn alpha wolf searching for his mate…
Max Stone rules the werewolves of Boise, Idaho. Driven to serve and protect them he has put aside all personal desire for too long. Now a long dormant urge to find his mate has taken control, compelling him to make her his in every way.

New in town and driven by forces she can’t imagine…
Kelly Shaw dedicates her life to studying wolves. New in Boise she is driven to prove herself capable in her field. A fateful meeting with a handsome stranger introduces her to a whole new world, bringing out the wolf within.

Fate ties Kelly and Max together, but life may drag them apart.

14,000 Words


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